Like A Background For A Paxil Ad?

WTF74 One of my biggest pet peeves about real estate photos, are exterior shots taken in bad weather. I’ve seen foreboding clouds, rain, snow, hail and in one case what appeared to be an actual tornado carefully hidden behind the house. I kid you not.

This is great stuff if you’re a clothing company selling sub-zero weather proof gear to deep sea fishermen, if that’s the goal I say pour it on baby! Wait for the worst day possible. I’m talking a wall of wind and water pelting everything, get Clint Eastwood dressed up in your special raincoat and shoot him gritting his teeth as you “accidentally” try and drown him. Awesome stuff, we’ll sell a million of them.

However bad weather is like death to real estate shooting. Crappy day photos just send a message of “well at least it’s better than being in a tent”. They’re like a background photo for something like a Paxil advert, or say an avoiding foreclosure debt counseling service.

Real Estate Photography for Home Sellers

I’m going to touch on this theme again and again over the coming months… real estate photography is about creating a positive emotion in the buyer. The photos do not need to be technically perfect, but we do want a basic response of “oooh nice house” in the buyer. Real estate purchases for anyone except the most hardened investor are highly emotional, and positive emotion helps sell homes.

The simplest shortcut to getting that “oooh nice house” response for exterior shots is sunshine. Pure natural feel good sunshine simply can’t be faked. In other words, you have to wait until you get a nice day to shoot the exterior photos. Now you may have to go with what you can get in the first couple days of your listing, but nothing is stopping you from going back to the house and re-shooting the front on a nice day.

It’s well worth doing this. Yucky weather equals yucky photo, equals yucky house, equals no commission check for you.

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