About Us

Born in New Zealand and had a pretty normal childhood. I first visited America in 1991. I worked as a camp counselor for the Summer of 1991 and was determined not to meet anyone and thereby mess my life up with a dumb long distance relationship. After a three years of messing up my life up with a dumb long distance relationship, I moved to America and the petite blonde and I married 1994. Needing a place to live and completely unfamiliar with Connecticut I consulted a map briefly and announced we should live in Bristol. There was a firmly voiced opinion from the petite blonde that I was over estimating my map reading abilities.

We rented an apartment in Bristol. Eventually the petite blonde admitted that the population mass of Bristol did in fact support a robust local economy, while not being so large as to create high crime levels. Also Bristol’s close proximity to major transportation routes did agreeably place it within reach of 40% of the jobs within the State. After a year of renting and hand to mouth existence the topic of babies arose. I firmly took the moral high ground that without home ownership I would not participate in bringing children into this world.

We purchased a HUD house for no money down and my defense against children was rendered obsolete. Two girls followed in quick succession. Later on with the girls growing larger we moved again within Bristol to a moderate sized home. We’re a happy family. I could ramble on about everything else that’s happened before and after those events, but that’s the important stuff.

The odds and ends glossed over are over a decade working as a nurse in the field of development disabilities, a B.A. in Sociology, a keen interest in computers, lots of sci-fi, an enduring interest in personal growth thinking, dabbling in writing and a little bit of travel.